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We thought long and hard about what to call it. And then we decided to call it what it actually does. It is your meeting minutes from the gym, so we called it GYMinutes.

GYMINUTES backsup all your data online. To be able to retrieve data in case of phone damage or upgrade, we have to map all data to your email address. Don’t worry we don’t spam or share your email with anyone.

Gyminutes was NOT made by some developer who has not seen inside of they gym and cannot squat, deadlift or bench. All developers are actually gymrats and love to lift weight. Moreover, we have a professional fitness trainer on board who has been part of the development process. All workouts have been made in collaboration and under the guidance of our professional fitness trainer.

Gyminutes is not a generic fitness app. It is made for people who lifts weight and want to track their workout. People specifically bodybuilders, powerlifters, crossfit enthusiast and an avid weight trainers. The design philosophy of GYMINUTES is to be simple, efficient, affective and intuitive. In terms of features, checkout are home page to see the comparison chart with other top workout tracking apps.

We are glad that you love the app. We are working on making it a community where people can create their own workout routines and share with other lifters. You can help by spreading the word. You can also send us an email at "gyminutes@gmail.com" and let us know you are intersted. We love to talk to our fellow gym buddies.

If you found a bug, we are really sorry for inconvenience. You can send us an email via app or directly to "gyminutes@gmail.com" with steps on reproducing the bug. As for fun and as a self imposed punishment, we will do 10 Squats with 135 Lbs. Every time there is a new bug reported, weight goes up by 1 lb. We will post a video of punishment on our

instagram account


facebook page

And ofcourse, we will fix the bug ASAP.

Thats awesome. We would love to hear about it. Send us an email via app or directly to "gyminutes@gmail.com".

We DON'T post anything to facebook or twitter without your permission. Connecting your facebook or twitter or both accounts provide you with flexibility to use facebook or twitter as a login mechanism. Next time you change phone or forget your email and password that you used to login with gyminutes, you can use facebook or twitter to login and all you data will be preserved.

When creating gyminutes, we have paid special attention to user interface and design. If you find it hard to use, please tell us. In the mean time, you can visit TUTORIALS for details.

You got us. We don't have all the answers posted above. Send us an email via app or directly to "gyminutes@gmail.com" and we would get back to you ASAP.